8 Warning Sign of Blood Clot That You Simply Cannot Afford To Ignore

Blood clotting is an important process where blood changes from liquid to gel in order to prevent excess bleeding whenever a blood vessel is injured.However, many a time not all blood clots are friendly and may be harmful and even fatal.

Check out these symptoms of blood clotting that should not be ignored!


Swelling in one limb is one such symptom of a threatening blood clot and is also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis, which occurs due to the formation of a blood clot within a deep vein, most commonly the legs which prevent the oxygen from reaching your vital organs, in turn, causing swelling. Symptoms of pain, reddening or warming may be other such reasons.

If you are having one of your limbs swelled up for unfathomable reasons, then you should definitely seek a medical help.



Another cause of DVT might be severe leg pain and tenderness. A DVT in leg causes a sudden, pulsating pain in the thigh or calf which would be accompanied by redness and swelling. The affected part might feel soft to touch than the others.

It also usually occurs when you sit idle or your body remains immobile for a longer period of time.




Well! If you see red streaks running along with the veins, you are in a very serious trouble! Though blood clots usually cause bruising, the red streak thing is a matter of serious concern as it is very much life threatening and needs a quick medical attention!



Chest pain and heavy breathing too hit the list of symptoms of a life-threatening blood clot. It might occur due to the formation of blood clot in the lungs and is very much a thing to be worried about. The pain is very much sharp and stabbing and becomes worse when you take a deep breath. Never ever ignore if you feel such a pain and seek medical attention as soon as possible.




Shortness of breath is one such thing that should never be ignored no matter what.  If it is a blood clot in a lung, you might suffer from it as the clot would slow down the flow of oxygen in the lungs which would, in turn, cause your heart rate to increase to catch up with the loss of oxygen.

A pale or bluish discoloration

Even a pale or bluish discoloration is a symptom of a blood clot. If you notice it, do not ignore.


A Warm Sensation

If you feel sudden warm sensations in the body, rush to a Doctor right away…




An unaccountable cough is another symptom in the list to let you know that you are having a dangerous blood clot. A cough would start suddenly without any mentioned warning and would be constant for an elongated period of time.So, if you or any of your family member or friend is facing such symptoms, please seek immediate medical help!