8 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

We use so many objects every day and everything has certain details for some or the other reason.

We probably don’t think much about the items of daily use and they become part of our routine. You would be surprised to know that many common objects have hidden features that make them much safer and interesting to use.

Here we have collected some examples for you.


Loops on Back of Shopping Cart

You might have noticed those loops on your cart while shopping. While you can keep your child secure into the cart seat, you can also use the loops to hang your grocery bags. This will give you an extra space in the cart.


Dimple In a Wine Bottle

Also called as Punt, you can put your thumb inside to make pouring easier. The dimple helps to equalize and distribute the pressure from the bottles. Without the punt, a bottle containing sparkling liquid would explode.


Tiny Hole On A Padlock

The purpose of this tiny hole is to pour the oil and lubricate the mechanism in case it gets stuck. It also helps in draining out water from the lock to prevent inside form corrosion.


Tyre Bumps

These little bumps can be helpful in determining whether your tyres are safe to drive on. At some places, it’s against law to drive when bumps are worn down.


Metal Parts on Gas Pump


The metal parts are used to prevent destruction due to human error. If a person pumping gas forgets to take the nozzle out and they drive off this metal attachment will keep them from ripping the entire pump part on the ground.


Hole at the End of a Tape Measure

You may need to measure something but don’t find anybody to hold the tape for you. Simply bang a nail into the surface you are measuring through the holes and this will secure your tape measure.


Hole In The Pot Handle

When you cook your food, you may not like to put the dirty spoon on the corner. Just put the handle of your spoon into that hole and it will not make any mess.


Little Arrows Next To Gas Gauge


This arrow indicates the direction of the gas tank of your car and is helpful when you are driving a car which you have never driven before.


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