8 Of The World’s Most Fascinating Photographs.

Photography is vastly an underestimated form of art. To get that perfect, a photographer has to undergo a lot of brainstorming and hard work and that is not an easy job. Not every random guy with smartphones in his pocket can be a photographer. And not every casual photographer with those expensive lenses can capture amazing clicks.

Here are 10 of the most fascinating photos.

1) Public art
This portrait of Audrey Hepburn is made special by the people who came together to create it.

2) Ahh it stings!
This is an action shot of a honey bee giving someone its final sting. Painfully fascinating!

5) Patrick is that you?
A starfish gobbling its lunch. Lunch being an anchovy.

4) For real?
This apparently is a snap of a group of goats looking for a new buffet table.

5) The horrifying moment
This is a watch that stopped exactly at 8:15 in 1945- the beginning of the Hiroshima bombing.

6) Mirror mirror on the wrist… who’s the prettiest of them all?
A still shot of a seahorse gazing at its reflection in a diver’s watch. Look at me… I am so pretty!

7) Superman shot!
This is a shot of the most realistic sculpture of superman to ever exist.

8) That’s interesting
I wish I could be weighed that way. Yes I am weird.