8 Facts That Are Arousingly Interesting

Research of any kind is fascinating, and to learn new statistics about certain topics can be really interesting.

All of these s1xual research facts come from different studies, and are one hundred percent true, even if they seem made up.

They cover a variety of topics, and you might learn some new and interesting facts. Check out the 8 interesting sexual research facts.

The first interesting fact is that men who watch adult films are more likely to view women as equals than those who don’t watch. This finding is a result of a study published in the Journal of Sex Research. The study was led by Taylor Kohut of Western University, and the survey asked over 28,000 participants if they had watched an X-rated movie in the last year, and it included several questions about their attitudes towards women.

This might seem completely made up, but there is an oxytocin-like nasal spray that has been found to make men 15% more attractive to their partners. The study was conducted at the University of Bonn in Germany, and it looked into how oxytocin-like chemicals affected the extent to which women found certain men sexually appealing.