8 Most Ridiculous Laws Still in Effect Today

The main beauty of the world is its diversity. But from those diversities often comes misunderstanding. Wars have been fought because of some misunderstandings. That is why you need to know laws and forbidden actions before going to some country you haven’t visited yet. There are some really strange laws, believe me.

For an example, in Singapore, as soon as a policeman sees you spitting, smoking a cigarette or chewing a gum in public, you are spending a night in jail or paying a ticket. There are reasons for this.

On the other hand, there are countries which haven’t changed their laws in centuries, and as a direct consequence of their irresponsibility, they now have laws which are outdated, obsolete and (in some cases) ridiculous.


Here are some of those funny examples of obsolete (or unnecessary) laws:

United States of America

Atheists – There are 7 U.S. states where atheists are forbidden to hold public office positions. That is actually written in their constitution.


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Kinder Eggs – Yeah, kids in the U.S. have never had any Kinder Eggs. Actually, chocolate is not a problem, toys are. Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America does not approve the size of small toys inside the Kinder Egg, and they think that it could pose a choking hazard for children…


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Great Britain

Postage stamp – Monarchs in Britain are a symbol of their existence so if you insult their monarch you are insulting every single British soul. Some would say that postage stamps are irrelevant, but if you place a postage stamp bearing a monarch’s face upside down, you are a traitor of the Crown, and you will be prosecuted as such.


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Napoleon – Don’t even think to name your pig Napoleon! It doesn’t matter if French like Napoleon or not, you insult their general – you are insulting every single Frenchman.


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Cats and Dogs – According to their law, only male cats and dogs are allowed to be neutered.


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Tango – In Argentina there is a law to insure that tango is played in clubs the same duration as other types of music. That is their way to preserve their national identity.


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Cheaters – Every child aged 15 and older will go to jail if caught cheating at school. Discipline…


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Victoria, Australia

Lightbulb – You cannot change a lightbulb at your home. Only certified electricians can do that. But, if you don’t have any cameras, if your apartment is not “bugged” and if there are no any secret agents or state officials around you, it is very difficult for the state to make you abide the law…