8 Easy Tricks You Can Do With Your Body To Relieve Pain

The human body is a phenomenon. Once you’ve gotten over some kind of pain, another one follows shortly thereafter. However, you can get quick relief using a few simple tricks without having to see a doctor or raid your medicine cabinet the next time you have a blocked nose, an itchy throat or any array of unpleasantries.

1. Relieving an itchy throat:

Your throat is itching and itching and you can’t stop coughing anymore? Not even a cup of tea helps in such cases. But a simple trick solves the problem within seconds: vigorously scratching your ear. Admittedly, it may sound a bit strange at first but by stimulating your ear you cause a cramp in your throat which then relieves the itchy sensation.


2. Calming your nerves:

Who doesn’t know what it’s like to have days where stress just kills you, everything is just too much and you just can’t manage to relax no matter what you do. There is also a quick solution for this problem. Splash some ice-cold water on your face for several minutes. This triggers the so-called mammalian diving reflex, which ensures that your body absorbs oxygen more effectively, which in turn calms you.




3. Stay strong when having your blood drawn:

Having your blood drawn is a challenge for many people. If just the thought of a needle triggers goosebumps for you too, then this tip could be useful to you: the key here is to distract yourself. And this works best by coughing hard when the needle punctures your skin. This distracts your mind from the thought of a needle drawing blood. However, you should let your doctor or nurse know what you’re going to do beforehand so that there are no complications. And of course you should make sure to hold your arm as still as possible while you cough.