7 Anomalies Of Our Planet That Scientists Struggle To Explain

Earth is the only planet in our solar system which sustains life. This amazing planet is filled with many beautiful wonders. But, there are certain things present here, which are strange beyond comparison and they cannot be explained.

Read on to find out what these anomalies are.

Gravity Hills, India

Try parking a car placed in neutral at the foot of this hill and the car automatically starts moving up the hill. It comes across like there is an invisible power pulling the car upwards. Some believe that it is just an illusion created by the hills though, no one has ever come up with a logical reason.

Dolmens (Roknia, Korea, China, India, Israel, Scandinavia, Russia)

Most of you would have visited or at least seen the pictures of these ancient stone slabs forming a kind of ’’table’’ at different geographical places. These Dolmens make electronic devices behave strangely. Some Archaeologists believe these Dolmens are the tombs of ancient priests.

Eternal Flame Falls, USA

Small fissures of flames are ignited due to the presence of natural gases in this unusual waterfall. Sometimes the flames burn out and need to be reignited. There is a myth that whoever reanimates the flame will be blessed with fortune.


Castle Frangokastello, Greece

A strange image mirage takes place every year at the end of May. It has been stated that shadows of armed foot soldiers and equestrians go from the monastery of Agios Charalambos to the fort of Frangokastello. Although this phenomenon is observed when the sea is quiet and the air humidity is high early morning and it lasts for about 10 minutes.

The Stone Forest, China

The Stone Forest appeared 200 million years ago. Initially, there was a sea where layers of limestone formed huge constructs, and due to the tectonic movements, the stones surfaced. From August until November, an underground river makes a vortex that lasts for just a few minutes and then dissipates rapidly every 30 minutes.

The River of Five Colors, Colombia

The river turns into a hue of colors during the summers due to the growth of weeds in red, pink, blue, green, and yellow colors. Interestingly, the river remains colorless for the rest of the year.

Blood Falls, Antarctica

Although this glacier is considered to be one of the coldest, the red blood falls never freezes even when the temperature falls down to  -10 degree Celsius. Some scientists from Harvard argue that the phenomenon occurs due to the habitation of microbes in them.