6 Things Not To Say To A Single Person Who Has Cats

If you ever get a chance to be a single 20-something in an exciting city, I highly recommend it.

I plan my days around the idea that I can more or less do whatever my cold little heart desires. While I am forever an extrovert who occasionally finds herself in a relationship, I’ve been happily “not-tied-down” for the majority of my life. Being single works for me — and most of the time, the people around me don’t have much to say about it.


That is, until I mention that I have a cat.

I’m always surprised when a well-meaning friend or stranger comments on the fact that I’m minus one significant other and plus one significant pet. It seems there are certain, shall we say, preconceived notions attached to being Single Woman With A Cat. If you’ve ever been this, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the way folks tiptoe around you as if you were some mom-jeans-toting Susan Boyle extra the second they find out that you are (gasp!) unmarried, and (gasp!) the owner of a cat.


Let me be clear.

By all accounts, I’m a totally “normal” human being. I’m not a recluse who spends my days alone at home with my jars of pee as I crochet voodoo dolls out of the hairs of people who have wronged me. Still, I get the occasional inappropriate question or comment about my life — usually from some dummy who doesn’t know what they are missing. Here are six of the best — er, worst.