These Are The 5 Positions Women Hate

A survey conducted by “Women’s Health” revealed the s1x positions hated by women in general. The readers of Women’s Health were asked a few questions related to s1x. Approximately, 1200 women participated in this survey and the results are based on their answers. Let us warn you, this information is going to be extremely shocking for the men and women alike.

#1 D 0 g g y S t y l e

This is the least favourite s1x position of all the women surveyed. Sara Gottfried, M.D. OB/GYN, told Men’s Health, ‘The issue here is you may be ra m m i n g her c e r v i x, which is why d e e p p e n e t r a t i o n is often more harmful than hot.’


#2 Cowgirl

Science has told us this s1x position is the most dangerous for the bloke, resulting in more p e n i l e fractures than any other position. According to this survey, it’s not all that fun for the girl either, with most women surveyed feeling insecure from these lofty heights.