5 Things That Really Shouldn’t Have Happened

Many of us can remember having a brush with danger in our lives. With the chaotic way life can work sometimes, a harrowing situation can suddenly arise on the most routine days. You could do something a million times in your life without incident, but it only takes a slight difference in the process to turn everything on its head.

You may be painfully aware of what’s going on or it could take a moment before you realize, “Whoa, I think I almost died.” Either way, these close calls can come with a shuddering feeling that you can look back on in amazement for years to come.

Today, we’re going to go through 10 of these kinds of situations. Nobody wants to be stuck in them, but there’s still a much worse way they could have gone.
Shredding a tire while landing a plane can’t be fun for anyone involved.
This plane had a blowout while going 180 mph during landing.Since landings are often the hardest part of flying, this is one of the last things a pilot wants to deal with.


That’s a trap full of brown recluse spiders.
Depending on a person’s sensitivity, their bites can leave an open wound as large as a human hand.