5 Jerks On A Bachelor Party Show Up To The 9/11 Memorial With A Blow-Up Sex Doll Taking Selfies

People are outraged after a group of bros brought a sex doll with them to the 9/11 Memorial in New York City.


The men were outed on social media for their antics after they were spotted by other tourists on the Friday before the 15th anniversary of the tragedy. They were promptly asked to leave.


The men were British bankers on a bachelor party weekend, Fox News reported.
One of the men, who Fox News reported was the groom, said he didn’t think the incident was a big deal since they were just a bachelor party.

An New York Police Department spokeswoman confirmed the incident to the News, but said no formal report was taken.

Officer Arlene Muniz said a police officer told the men to leave.
“It was just a warning to get out of the area and they complied,” she said.



Needless to say, people were pretty pissed.

Others said they were a “shame” to Britain.

“On Monday, they will be unemployed,” said one person.