30 Facts No 30 Year Old Wants To Hear

We are all stuck in a mental age. And that age is usually two to seven years lesser than our current age. I’m stuck at age 23 despite me being 25 years old. I mean, how the hell did this happen! I refuse to accept this trickery of age into adulthood. And imagine me at 30!

It’s just unimaginable. Just like how you 30-year old’s will feel after going through this list of things that will make you accept your real age:
1. The oldest dog on record, Bluey, reached 29 years old. This means every dog that was alive when you were born is no longer with us.
You’re also older than the oldest recorded sheep, lion, and tiger. Domestic cats, on the other hand, have been known to live as long as 38! So there might be a handful of cats out there that were around long before you.


2. The entire Back to the Future trilogy now takes place in the past.