25 Awkward Tinder Moments That Are So Uncomfortable They’re Funny.

Tinder has become one of the most popular dating apps we have in today’s society. It’s a social networking app for single people who want to give online dating a try.

The rules are simple. After you download the app, create a profile filled with photos and a description of yourself, you proceed to browse through potential suitors. If you come across a profile of someone who may interest you, you swipe right. If the profile you’re looking at has the opposite effect on you, you swipe left. Once a person you swiped right on has also swiped right on you, a match is created! That’s when real business takes place and people start messaging and get to know each other.

Unfortunately, some people aren’t so good with their words. In fact, some people can’t even start a conversation correctly.

Sit back and relax as you proceed to some of the funniest Tinder moments below.

So you plan on hitting and quitting on a woman who already has 1 child?

Can someone get this boy deactivated from Tinder?



That awkward moment when you’ve been matched with the love of your life.

And it’s food.




Ice breakers are important.

And sometimes it’s good to be funny in your description. This description, however, took it a little too far.