24 ‘FML’ Moments That Are So Bad You’ll Feel Guilty For Laughing.

Everyone has a FML moment in their lives, some more than others. It’s kind of like an inevitable bad day. You’re always going to have at least one every once in awhile.

This could mean you left your stove on when you left for work, you got into a car accident, or your just freshly bought lunch falls on the ground. Whatever it is, you just feel defeated and the world is just against you for some reason.

Nonetheless, however bad you may feel, it’s likely your FML moment isn’t as bad as the people’s moments below. We’ve compiled a list of tragically funny anecdotes from a website where people like to share their worst moments.

If you’re having a bad day, you’ll realize after reading this that someone else will always be having a worse day.

Well congratulations on the new baby! It looks like more than one member will be joining your family.


I would be infuriated. This is what causes trust issues.