23 Weird Beer Facts That Will Make You Love It Even More

When humans have such a long, close relationship with something like beer, you know things are sometimes going to get a little weird. So it’s no surprise that throughout history strange facts and truths about beer have cropped up. Some are signs of pure innovation, like beer pipelines running across the countryside. Others are testaments to the future, like space beer. Some are just plain weird, like beer made for Beer Pong or beer made with spit. It’s a crazy world out there, and beer has had a role in it from the beginning. For more cool, gross, interesting and overall weird facts about beer, we’ve got you covered.
1. The Pyramids Were Really Built With Beer


Workers at the pyramids received as many as four liters of beer a day.

Let’s start with one of the more common tales told about beer – that it was given to the slaves who built the pyramids to help them survive on a cheap diet. This is one of those rumors that is actually based in fact: Beer does have a lot of nutritional elements, and it was indeed used when building the pyramids at Giza.

Whether the slaves depended on it for survival is not know, but archeologists have reported that workers got around four liters of beer a day. This was ancient, more watered-down beer obviously, but that’s still some heady stuff to keep in the company water cooler.