21 Jobs Which Are Way Worse Than What You Are Doing Right Now!

However, there are certain jobs which are worst than ours. For those people, going to job daily is equal to entering hell with consent. Have a look people and took some pity.

1. This porta potties cleaner.

In the wider sense, a portable toilet is also a “mobile toilet”, i.e. one that can be moved around, without having to be a chemical toilet. For example, a bucket toilet is also a type of portable toilet.



2. This guy who has given up one everything.



3. This poor guy who has to clean sewage.

P.s. : Keep your fingernails short and clean. Use a stiff brush to remove dirt and foreign materials. bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites that can cause serious illness and even death. Always presume that floodwater is contaminated with sewage.