20 Funny Cartoons That Hilariously Capture The Realities Of Adulting.

There comes a point in any kid’s life where they cannot wait to grow up. They think life is so much easier and fun when you don’t have to answer to mom and dad. Admit it, we all thought it; our parents are so bossy and we can’t do anything fun without them telling us to “do this,” “don’t do that,” and son on.

Let’s not even get started on the chores and school responsibilities that will suddenly disappear as soon as you become a grown-up. Yet our parents wisely advised us to just enjoy our childhood, that being an adult is filled with more responsibilities you can’t even begin to imagine.

Alas, if we had only listened to our mothers and fathers on this one. Artist and designer Cristina Vanko recognizes the reality of becoming a fully grown but not necessarily mature person. For her 100 Day Project, Vanko has created funny and wise observations illustrations of what it’s like becoming a grown-up with 100 days of adulting. So glad we are experiencing the same realities.

#1 You really hate yourself for not taking naps as a kid.


#2 Who cares about peer pressure, this stuff is nasty!


#3 Because the pain and torture of having to deal with cavities is too much to handle