20 Hilarious Struggles Only Cat Owners Will Understand

There is a reason dogs are known as “man’s best friend”, and that’s because cats absolutely despise us.

But that doesn’t stop our love for the fury felines blossoming into some of the strongest one-sided relationships possible. We feed them, shelter them, protect them and love them, and in return we get scratched, bitten and our carpets get puked on.

As a cat owner myself, I can confirm that once the “cute kitten stage” is over, you’re just stuck living in a house with another creature that expects you to feed it, clean up after it and will never really love you back… It’s kinda like a marriage

Anyway, here are 20 things every cat owner will soon discover;

1. When you discover that most of your nights out end like this:


2. Because this is how cat lovers see their precious felines:


3. In fact, they pretty take over your entire life:


4. But their affection for you is somewhat indecisive:


5. Because to your cat, literally anything is more interesting that you:


6. Despite the fact they ruin your clothes:


7. And your possessions:


8. And your time:


9. But deep down, you know there is some good in them:


10. And if there isn’t, that sassy bum wiggle is enough to win you round

11. You wanted a good night’s sleep? Good one:


12. Excuse you:

13. There’s just no such thing as “personal space” anymore:


14. Or “your food”:


15. And play time is never simple:


16. Because it always ends the same way:


17. And every cat owner has experience this natural phenomenon:


18. Opening the fridge also means letting the cat in:


19. You will reach the point where you stop buying your cat nice things:


20. Finally, you make peace with how you’re going to die:


Yes, no matter how much you love your precious kitty cat, there is always that little part of you that hopes that they die before you.

Nonetheless, cats can bring a lot of joy and laughter to your life, and that usually happens after they’ve been stung by a bee. Seriously, if you’ve never seen a cat after it’s had a fight with a bumblebee, check out these pictures, they will brighten up the rest of your year!