18 People Share Secrets About Their Work Spouses

Chances are, it isn’t the first time you’ve heard about someone having a ‘work husband’ or ‘work wife.’

In fact, if you’re fans of The Office, you see than friendly/line walking/occasionally awkward relationship with Jim and Pam before they become a couple.

In the US, the average full-time salaried employee works 49 hours per week, with hourly workers clocking in half a day behind at 44, though I’m willing to bet that has more to do with management cutting down on overtime whether they need help or not.

Add commute time, differences in schedule, and other life commitments, and it’s no wonder that some people consider their coworkers as a second family, occasionally preferring them to the one they have at home.
#1 Disaster in the making

#2 Pam, is that you?

#3 Waiting on this guy to realize that he might be the problem