16 Times Dads Won At Life

Dads are great, aren’t they? Even when it seems like they’re being completely irrational, they’re usually trying to teach you some deep-seeded lesson about life and love and jobs and money and being an adult and a million other things. And just when you think you couldn’t learn any more from your wise old man, he hits you with another mind blowing life lesson that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your time. Oh, you crazy dads! Always mentoring us with your clever antics and views on how things should, and shouldn’t, be done. Here are 16 dad wins that are nothing short of spectacular.

#1 This Netflix-loving papa!

I think this dad is waiting for a “thank you.”

#2 This superhero of a dad.

Who needs a helmet when you’ve got this guy?!

#3 This dad who taught his son how to talk to girls.

I wonder if the glitter thing would actually work, though…