16 Big Celebrities Who Nearly Died And How They Reacted Afterwards

#5. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway very nearly drowned after being caught in a rip current off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, in 2014. The actress was taking a swim when waters suddenly became treacherous. Hathaway, was seen struggling to keep herself above the water and began to shout for help.

At certain terrifying points, the actress was completely submerged by the waves. An unidentified surfer came to the Oscar-winning actress’ aid, rescuing her from the rip current and bringing her safely to shore. Although Hathaway was badly shaken up by the incident, she escaped with nothing more than a few scratches on her feet. The star was later seen smiling and laughing with her husband Adam Schulman, which made it clear the actress was not too traumatized from her swim.



#6. Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston almost died in May 2011, after a jet ski he was on collided with a bridge, at top speed. After the impact, Kingston was thrown unconscious into the water, but fortunately, was rescued by an off-duty coastguard. Kingston described his accident in the following words: “As soon as I hit the bridge I got knocked out. My face was in the water and that’s what crushed my lungs because I was getting in so much water.” After Kingston had spent 11 days in hospital on a ventilator, he was set for release.

However, just before leaving the hospital, Kingston began experiencing sharp pains in his chest. Doctors rushed to restart the star’s heart with shock paddles. It was discovered that the young singer had a tear in his aorta and emergency heart surgery was performed. Kingston almost lost his life a second time and a doctor working on the star stated: “He tried to die a couple of times on us, but we just refused to let him.”