15 Restraining Orders Filed Against Celebs Or Their Partner.. Some Names Might Even Shock You!

#1. Tasha Smith
Tasha Smith has been acting professionally since the mid 90s, but it is all thanks to Tyler Perry that she was truly able to make acting a full fledged career. She is known for playing the character of Angela Williams in the Tyler Perry movies Why Did I Get Married, and Why Did I Get Married Too, and she continues to play that character in Perry’s television show titled For Better or Worse. In 2010, Smith married her manager Keith Douglas, but their marriage quickly turned into a prime example of why people should not mix business with their personal life. The couple would file for orce, and the proceedings became very nasty, with Douglas filing a restraining order against her because of physical threats she made towards him. Smith however, would also file a restraining order against him, after he made claims that she was having affairs with women; she was also afraid for her life when he would sometimes enter into jealous rages.

#2. Halle Berry

Halle Berry is a talented actress, who has an Academy Award to show for it with her performance in the movie Monster’s Ball, and she continues to entertain audiences today in both movies and television. In 2005, the seemingly never aging actress began a relationship with a French Canadian actor by the name of Gabriel Aubry (pictured), a relationship which resulted in the pair sharing a daughter together. In 2010, the pair separated, and later on that year the two got into a custody battle regarding their daughter, as Berry wanted to take their child to France where Berry’s new boyfriend Olivier Martinez, lived. In 2012, Aubry got into a fist fight with Martinez on Thanksgiving day, and Halle Berry filed a temporary restraining order against Aubry which stated he could not come within 100 yards of her and their daughter. The restraining orders in this situation did not stop there however, as Aubry went on to file one against Martinez as well.

#3. Jack White’s Ex

The world of modeling has seen dozens upon dozens of women march down the runway to the blinding lights of flashing cameras, and many of these women make quite the names for themselves. Karen Elson is a British singer-songwriter and model, who started modelling when she just sixteen years old, and has appeared on multiple magazine covers for multiple fashion magazines. What people may not know about Karen, is that she was once married to Jack White, the former lead-singer of The White Stripes, and in their nearly six years of marriage they had two children. In 2013, their wedding bliss came to an end, and the two quite amicably filed for orce, but later on that year however, Elson filed a restraining order against White after he started sending her threatening texts and emails regarding the custody arrangements for their children. The order was granted, and White cannot have any contact with Elson unless it relates directly with their children.