15 Unknown ‘Home Improvement’ Secrets

This show was a go-to for my family. I have many fond memories watching this show with my family, laughing at Tim Taylor’s stupidity, wanting to see if they would finally show Wilson’s full face, and absolutely crushing over Jonathan Taylor Thomas. This show was funny, heart-warming, and was part of many families lives for eight wonderful years. But the thing is that there are ALWAYS secrets behind the scenes and within the cast that you’re not privied to as a viewer. We’re here to let the cat(s) out of the bag. Read all about the unknown secrets of Home Improvement.

#1 Jill was originally going to be played by Frances Fisher

She shot the pilot, but the audience really didn’t like her so she was replaced with Patricia Richardson, who is the Jill Taylor we all know and love, and the pilot episode was re-shot. Thanks goodness! I can’t imagine another Jill!





#2 Richard Karn, who played Al, got his role because of a traffic ticket.

So one day Richard was driving and did a roll stop, got caught, and had to go to traffic school. Stay with me here. It was at traffic school where he met the agent that told him about the role! YAY for poor driving skills!




#3 The audience you see during “Tool Time” scenes is the real audience.

An audience within an audience….audience inception.