15 Things Your Childhood Self Will Go Crazy Over

Being a child was awesome, wasn’t it? No real responsibilities, eating whatever you wanted without gaining a pound, and of course being in the middle of the hottest trends. But, now that we’re all adults, we have other things on our minds. Bills, jobs, life in general. It can be a drag. Until you scroll through the internet one day, or stroll through the grocery store, and suddenly you see something that wakes up your nostalgia and forces it to take notice. Here are 15 things that will hit you right in the childhood.

1. Cootie Catcher

Basically answering all your yes/no questions with 100% accuracy.

2. Orange VHS

Though the color may have been a bit obnoxious, everyone wanted an orange VHS.


Sometimes MASH really screwed you over. A shack? With chickens? Married to your neighbor? But sometimes you had the best life in the world!

4. Foil Cards

Remember getting that Pokémon card you’d been waiting for? And remember when you got a foil version? Best. Day. Ever.

5. Knowing The Words

Remember buying a CD and having the lyrics in the booklet? Then you could learn all the words and sing along to EVERY song.

6. Scholastic Book Order

Getting your book order in was the best. No argument. The fresh smell of books as your rip the plastic open. Perfection.

7. Staying Alive

Keeping a Tamagotchi was a huge undertaking. But remember when you kept it alive for longer than a week? Well done!

8. Boy Meets World

There was nothing better than a Boy Meets World marathon on a Saturday.

9. You’ve Made It To Oregon!

Getting your entire party to Oregon made you feel like an accomplished adult. Even if Mary did break her leg five times.

10. Magic Eye

Holding the magic eye puzzle just right and getting that sweet picture. See the ducks in the water?

11. Parachute Days

Seriously, best day at school. I wonder where you can get these parachutes?

12. Slap!

Ahhh, the satisfying sound of a slap bracelet.

13. Yum!

It was going to be a good day with one of these in your lunch!

14. Weeeee

It didn’t matter if you crushed your fingers a thousand times. These were the best

15. Silly Putty

Remember transferring comics from the newspaper onto Silly Putty? Of course you do. You were really good at it, too!