15 Biggest Movie Lies That You Still Believe

We don’t like to admit that movies influence the way we see the world, but they most certainly do. How else would we get information on things that we will never actually do or see in real life, read a book? Psshh, yeah right. Almost everything we know about space, war, dinosaurs and crime is from TV and the movies. Sometimes we will learn things from the news, but they’re even worse at showing the truth. Things are sensationalized, exaggerated, fictionalized, whatever it takes to make it more interesting. Sometimes the movies don’t really have a choice about how accurate they can be. Things are made a little more interesting for the sake of a story. Some truths are stretched to make them look better on camera, while others are helpful to move a story along more smoothly, but all of these influence the way we understand things. Over time, if we see something over and over in film, we start to believe that it must be the way it’s done in real life, but we were foolish. They’ve been lying.

#1. Fast Hacking & Slow Tracing

If you were to picture a computer hacker right now, it would probably include the image of a person typing furiously, hitting every key on the keyboard in quick succession. This is a bit silly. A slow typist can be a hacker, too. This is Hollywood discrimination at its finest. Hacking is pretty boring to look at in real life, so the movies make it seem more interesting by having a character type insanely fast and say, “got it” or “I’m in”. We can forgive them for this as no one wants to watch an overweight dude in a Guy Fawkes mask typing some code in between handfuls of cheesy poofs, this just isn’t captivating content. There’s another related myth that we should clear up here too, and it has to do with tracing a phone call. The movies would have you believe that you need to keep someone on the line for a convenient period of time in order to trace the caller’s location. This is dramatic, yes, but baloney. Calls can be traced almost instantly nowadays and that’s been the case for quite a while now.