14 Creepiest Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be True

#1. Dead Body Under The Bed

The legend tells of a couple who check into a hotel, expecting to have an amazing time. They go through their stay and everything seems okay. However, they start to smell a strange odor coming from somewhere in the room. They never do identify the smell and report it to the staff whenever they check out. When the staff decides to check out the room, they discover a body either in the mattress or under the bed. This urban legend has actually happened several times across the United States. It’s terrifying, to say the least, discovering you had slept on a bed that was inches away from a dead body.


#2. Left For Dead

There is a deep silence as you awake and try to get up. You hit your head on something hard and wooden and start to feel around yourself. Suddenly, you realize where you are, stuck inside a coffin, six feet under the ground. Someone has left you for dead. You start to panic, but remember that you need to calm down. After you have found a way to open the coffin, you start digging yourself out slowly but surely. When you reach the surface you gasp for air, realizing you are finally free. It’s hard to think that this story could ever be true, however, it did come true for one young lady, whose boyfriend tried to bury her alive by tasering her and then burying her. Fortunately, she dug her way out and was able to live another day.