14 Creepiest Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be True

#3. The Contagion Patient

A woman is brought into the hospital with various problems, and is barely conscious. She requires a bit of surgery for the doctors to really see what’s going on so they decide to make an incision. Once the cut has been made, a strange toxin is released from the woman’s body and everyone in the room starts to fall ill and die.

It’s scary to think that something like this could actually happen, but in 1994, a patient was being treated at a hospital, when doctors made their first incision, there was something toxic about her blood that affected almost all of the hospital personnel. Many passed out and when they came to, they couldn’t move their body.


#4. An Elevator Accident

Almost everyone possesses some form of fear thanks to elevators. They have been around for years as a trusted way to make it up and down buildings with a high number of floors. However, there exists an urban legend which talks of a person who gets stuck in the elevator door.

As the elevator starts to move the person is stuck and either decapitated or loses a limb. Possibly the worst case of this happening, occurred when a doctor was making his way into a Houston hospital in 2003. The doors ended up closing sooner than anticipated and as the elevator went up, he lost his head when the elevator decapitated him. Certainly a gruesome and terrible way to go.