14 Conspiracy Theories You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

For years people have struggled with explaining the mysteries of our world. From the creation of the pyramids to the formation of our planet, there are things that we simply cannot explain. That is why many have turned to creating their own versions of what actually happened, and in many cases…it’s completely nonsensical and ridiculous

The world is indeed a capricious and bewildering place, and many of the events that have unfolded throughout history remain as oddities. That is why you should take a minute and scroll through this lovely list of how humanity has decided to explain its mysteries. So sit tight and be prepared to read through quite possibly the strangest and most ridiculous conspiracy theories, that for the most part, make absolutely no sense.

#1 The Moon Isn’t Real

According to a large camp of conspiracy theorists, the moon is actually just a convincing holograph. Apparently, it exists for the sole reason of messing with our heads.



#2 The Invasion of Lizard People

Existing on a planet millions of miles away from earth, the Lizard people are beings hellbent on enslaving the human race and using them as a resource. They’ve already infiltrated our highest echelons of government, and are currently in the process of planning something huge.


 #3 Dinosaurs Helped Build the Pyramids

For years, anthropologists and sociologists have struggled to unravel the mysteries of the pyramids. It turns out, however, that dinosaurs were the architects of these historical monuments. Apparently, dinosaurs were described in the Bible and were used to help build the pyramids.