12 Secrets About Ellen And Portia’s Relationship You Didn’t Know

There are many cute couples in Hollywood and among them, very few are perfect for each other such that if they split then it would break our hearts as well.

If you ask us about the cutest Hollywood couple, our mind would race towards the most adorable couple Ellen and Portia.

Read on to know some facts about the relationship of this adorable couple

Still Together After 8 Years

The couple has been married for 8 long years now and the sparks are still there.


Big Age Difference

Ellen is fifteen years older than Portia but they never cared about this difference. They believe that age is nothing but a number.


Their Wedding Venue Was Their Home

After California banned same-sex marriages, they got married soon after in 2008 at their Beverly Hills home. The wedding was attended by 19 guests which included their close friends and family.


Never Lied

Portia says that they are very close and Ellen is her best friend. They talk to each other about everything and never ever lie to each other, not even small white lies.


It Was Love At First Sight

Portia recalls that she immediately fell for Ellen when they first met in 2004 but was too scared to make a move for three years.


They Met at a Social Gathering

Portia mentioned that their first meeting was at a social gathering and she immediately felt connected to Ellen.


The First Kiss

They first kissed each other in the back of a Limo and have shared many kisses since then which is the only detail she would like to share with people.


Surprise Ceremony

Ellen planned to surprise Portia with a surprise commitment ceremony before marriage, but the state of California overruled the ban and the couple rushed to the altar.


Ridiculous Breakup Rumors

In 2014, there were rumors that they had a breakup but the couple claim they barely argue and those rumors are ridiculous.


No Gift Sharing

The couple never pampers each other with gifts on holidays or birthdays, which they seem is pointless as they give each other presents all the time.


No Secrets

Ellen once mentioned “We don’t really need to make it work. We just found the right person. It’s corny, but Portia is my soul mate”.


Portia Was Married Earlier

Portia’s marriage, with filmmaker Mel Metcalfe to get a green card, broke after three years as she could not follow through with the plan and then she met Ellen.


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