12 Proofs That Our Life Is a Lie

There are many things in our life that we know about for sure and there are some other things as well that we never knew to be true. For example, if you think that everything which is posted on the Internet is true then you are wrong. Everything on the social media sites is not just correct as it looks to be.

You keep going about your business and believing stereotypes and then suddenly realizing that everything you believe is a lie.

We collected some facts that will turn your world upside down.

Gravity in Outer Space

The gravity on International Space Station is weaker than on the planet’s surface. The Astronauts appear falling very slowly along with the station causing weightlessness.


Napoleon Was Tall

The average height in France those days was about 5’3” to 5’4” but Napoleon had a height of 5’6” which made him among the taller ones than other emperors.


Coke in Glass Bottles and Cans

Polymers covering the insides of an aluminum cans may absorb part of the taste and smell while glass has no such properties. This is why Coke in glass bottles are the most delicious.


Towels Stacked in Stores

A best possible example of an anti-theft solution. You will, of course, call the shop assistant to get the item you want to buy.


Shape of The Earth

If you think it is really round then you are wrong. Watch the reality.


Potato Chips

You must have enjoyed smooth and even chips but the secret is that only 40% are potato flakes and the rest is starch, flour, and water which is mixed together.


Paving Blocks are not Actual Blocks

Now you know how you get the paving blocks but yes that’s cheaper and faster.


Flying Moths

Grown moths just lay eggs and hatch them but little maggots start eating the clothes.


Long Legs of Owls

It was when someone decided to lift the bird a little that their long legs were revealed to the world.


Memory of Goldfish

A school experiment revealed that goldfishes can retain associative memory for 6 days rather than just 3 seconds.


Chupa Chups isn’t a US brand

The world famous lollipop was developed by Enric Bernat from Barcelona, Spain and Salvador Dali himself designed the logo.


Can you dare to try?

We are sure you can’t stick your thumb into your nose but yes you can give it a try and check.