12 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Private Parts.

Our private parts are often spoken and written about with an air of mystery, but it is important that we pay attention to the facts, especially when our health is involved.

To start with, penises and vaginas are both very sensitive. While it is true that every body is different, there are certain things that you should never do to them. You could be irritating or hurting your private parts without even knowing it. Everyday things like taking a shower, exploring your own body, or engaging in sexual activities can put you at risk. Even playing with your dog can be dangerous.

We aren’t trying to make you paranoid, we just want to make sure you’re comfortable, healthy, safe, and aware. For example, you can avoid getting an infection simply by washing your hands, toys, and body parts before and after sex.

Take a look at the list below and let us know if there are any other tips for our readers.

#1. Don’t try everything you’ve seen on TV.

You might just ruin a perfectly good pie. Some men who have tried it claim that it is not worth it because it doesn’t wrap around the penis tightly anyway.


#2. Do not, we repeat, do not place your penis in a wall socket or toaster, especially if is connected to a power source.

It might sound like common sense but boys will be boys. You’ll want to do things just to see if you can do them, but don’t put your health at risk. Three years ago, firefighters in London helped remove a man’s penis from a toaster. Don’t be that guy.


#3. If you’re thinking about getting a piercing, do all the proper research.

If you aren’t sure, it would be best not to get that Prince Albert or clit piercing at all. But if you can’t help it, educate yourself. Just like any other piercing, there will be some risk of infection or irritation. You are also creating another opening in your body, one that is prone to infection. Make 100% sure to book an appointment with a qualified professional in a clean environment with sterile equipment.