11 Times Students Outsmarted Their Teachers

Teachers are the managers of the world’s greatest resource – Children. However, now and then we do come across children who believe that they can deceive their teachers.

Check out this article, which contains the compiled list of students who tried to outsmart their teachers.

Radical Expression

So, you mean to tell me that I need to find the expression? Totally Man!


Medical Facts

Well, if you are using math in the real world, be prepared to deal with its repercussions.


Pokemon Go

Never question a Pokemon master when you are not prepared to know the answers.


X Factor

Apparently, you need to be specific with your questions, else it would result in a Where is Waldo scenario.


Music Genre

This kid has a very practical approach towards life and his test questions.


Equations And Expansions

Just when you thought kids can’t get any funnier and sassier. This teacher would have definitely had a good laugh.


Question And Answers

Creativity is contagious. Which, I am now hoping is passed on to the teacher.



Bear On A Paper

When you find a bear on your paper, you have every reason not to answer the question. A creative way to simplify the equation.


Smile In Your Exams

How would a teacher know that smiley in a test paper is an absolute no-no for some students? Smiley does not make the questions seem happier.


The Spelling Bee

Well, you can’t blame the kid for spelling out the words phonetically. This kid definitely deserves a passing grade.

Any of you have a  similar funny incident to share? Please do in the comment section.