11 Facts About Hugh Hefner

Most of you might be aware of the businessman, and a well-known multimillionaire Hugh Marston Hefner the founder of the famous American men lifestyle magazine, Playboy. Hefner is also a political activist and philanthropist active in several causes and public issues.

For those of you who do not know much about High Hefner, just read on to know more about this dynamic business tycoon.

Marriage And Kids

Hugh has been married thrice before and has four children from his marriages. Though, now he has about a dozen girlfriends.



Hugh was bought up in a strict Methodist house.



Hefner holds a Guinness record for being the longest serving Editor-in-Chief of a magazine.


Pay Day

As per one of Hugh’s ex- girlfriend Holly Madison, each girlfriend would line up in his room in the morning while living with him to receive $1000 as per part of their weekly allowance.


Aging Beautifully

It is reported that Hugh Hefner was born in the 1920’s which makes him about 90 years old now.


Army Veteran

While Hugh was away serving in the army, his wife cheated on him. For Hugh, it was  “the most devastating moment of [his] life.”



Hugh has donated a high sum of $900,000 in 2010 to prevent the Hollywood sign from being demolished.


Anti- Drugs

Hugh’s ex-girlfriend also went to reveal that Hefner is ardently against anti-drugs. He in fact fired and banned girls from his house, who were on drugs.


License To Wildlife

Did you that Hugh house, known to be as the Playboy Mansion is one among the few private residences in the US to have a zoo license.



Hugh happens to be the 9th cousin to President George Bush.


The Title Ain’t Easy

Holly Madison also shared that Hugh personally interviews every single “Girl of the Month.”