11 Brilliant Life Hacks That Will Make Your life incredibly easy

Hacks are the most incredible piece of knowledge that can make your life whole lot easier. And life is all about learning new things every now and then. So here are a few hacks which will make your everyday process a bit easier. Take a look!

The trick with rubber band

Washing utensils in a dishwasher at times can cost you for those broken wares. But to avoid such hassle, tie a rubber band around the glasses to make it sturdy and reduce the chances of breakage.


The Cute Holder

Yes, your tennis ball is a multitasker. It can even act as a holder and is quite unique, I must say.


How to cool a laptop

One of the major problem we face while working on a laptop is the heating of the battery. Put your laptop on an empty egg tray, this will cool down the excess heating.


The Cup-holder

Do not throw away used plastic bottles. They can be used to fill the bucket without much hassle to try to fit the bucket in the sink.%image_alt%

Putting two big bowls at a time

You can put two bigger bowls in a microwave together by putting them in this way.


Space Crunch? Nah!

Baking two pizzas at a time can be troublesome. But cut them into halves and bake them like this to create more room for easy baking.


Covering the face

When you’re stuck somewhere and there’s massive fire around, cover your face with a bra to cut that smoke out.


The Spare Sock

If you’ve lost one sock from the pair, do not throw the other one. Rather use it as your mobile holder while you workout.


The Best One

Use your pants holder to keep your cookbook hanging right in front of your eyes.


For that desired look!

You don’t have to worry too much to get the desired look you want. Just but a push-up bra and see the change.