This Is What The World Was Like 100 Years Ago. How Different Is It From Today

We all know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but sometimes, pictures aren’t enough. And while we can look at pictures from 100 years ago and we can see a World War happening, we can see the first cars on the road, and we can see suburban America growing so rapidly after the Industrial Revolution, there are so many facts that help compliment and even add value those 1000-word pictures.

Take, for example, the list below.

1915 was a different world. Clearly. Most obviously, in 1915, the only medium to convey messages to mass amount of people was through books and newspapers yet here you are, in 2015, reading this through your computer or smartphone as newspapers and paper books become a thing of the past.

My favorite part of this newspaper clipping is comparing the statistic to today. Things, by and large, have gotten so much better for people. We’re living longer, we’re making more money and we’re far more intelligent than we ever have been. Take that, doomsday media! The world is NOT all bad!

Anyway, I’ve split the newspaper clipping into two halves to make it easier to read. Comparing some of the differences between 1915 and 2015, I found them staggering. I still can’t believe how far we’ve come sometimes. It makes me optimistic about our next 100 years!

Live long and prosper, people.

1 of 2: It may not always seem it, but we are, in fact, advancing positively as a species!
Life Expectancy:

1915: 45-years
2015: 79-years

Tallest Building:

1915: Eiffel Tower (984ft)
2015: Burj Khalifa (2717ft)

Average Wage/hr:

1915: $0.22
2015: $25.25

Some things seem to remain a constant
It’s amazing to think that our life expectancy has risen 59% in the past 100 years. But what I find equally, if not more amazing, is that Sierra Leone, a country crippled by civil war for nine-years (ending in 2002), is the only country on the planet where the life expectancy is less than it was in the USA in 1915 (46 years).

Moving on, we get to see not only the ways in which the USA has changed for the better, but we also get to see how some things have gone back to the way it used to be. Take, for instance, the legalization of marijuana in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. In 1915, more or less every drug was legal in the USA and the prohibitionists hadn’t yet outlawed alcohol either. It makes you wonder. Were we freer then or now?

2 of 2: Yes. People died from having diarrhea. I’m happy that’s not a thing anymore.
Las Vegas Population:

1915: 30

2015: 603,500


1915: 80%

2015: 99%

High School Graduation Rate:

1915: 6%

2015: 80%

An empire built on seeex, drugs, and gambling.