10 Struggles Of Women With Thick Thighs Explained Using Gifs

We all come in different shapes and sizes. Some of us are tall. Some of us are short. Some of us are D cups. Some of us are A cups. And, of course, some of us have small thighs… and some of us have big thighs.Maybe you got your thighs from years of dance and other activities in which you constantly were doing exercises to make your legs stronger… or maybe you were born with it. Whatever the case, you’ve got thighs.

#1 Your pants always fall down so by default, you hate pants.

You need to buy a size that fits your thighs, which means the pants will be way too big everywhere else, and you’ll end up pulling them up alllll day long. Not even a belt can save you.



#2 Rompers?

Nahhhh. Those are obviously just for tall people with lanky legs



#3 Wearing shorts.

Just the act of wearing shorts in general is terrifying to you. In order to find shorts that actually fit around your thighs without cutting off your circulation, you have to go up a size, which is just not OK. Same goes for spandex shorts… or soffee shorts. Soffee shorts were OK, though, because they left room for your thighs to breathe as long as, again, you went a size up. Thank for the invention of high-waisted yoga pants.