10 Of The Most Gruesome Murders Of All Time

For most of us, it is extremely hard to even imagine taking another person’s life. However, for the people on this list, it’s not only easy to imagine but it’s actually enjoyable. These are the worst of the worst. Many of the people on this list have high body counts. From rape to torture to medical experiments and even cannibalism, check out some of the most heinous people to ever live and read about their horrible crimes.

#1 Sada Abe


Sada Abe was a Japanese prostitute. One of her regulars enjoyed some pretty kinky stuff. They often performed auto-erotic asphyxiation (or cutting off air supply via strangulation) during sex. Sada Abe fell in love with him and they had an on and off relationship. During one of their sex adventures, while performing auto-erotic asphyxiation, she took it too far and killed the man with her kimono sash. She didn’t stop there. After he died, she carved her name into his leg and then sliced off his penis and testicles. She then took the penis with her and left. She took it everywhere with her for the next few days. At one point, Sada went back to the hotel where her dead lover was and tried to perform necrophilia. Police found her a few days later walking around with his penis in her purse.

#2 Armin Meiwes


Armin Meiwes is pretty infamous for his killing and eating of a person who volunteered himself to the man. He posted an ad asking for a young adult to willingly be “slaughtered and then consumed” on The Cannibal Cafe. He made it clear that he was looking for completely serious inquiries only. A young man named Bernd Jürgen Armando Brandes actually responded to the ad and agreed to let Armin eat and ultimately murder him. The entire thing was consensual and videotaped by them. Brandes originally wanted Armin to bite off his penis but after failing to do so, Armin cut it off with a knife. Brandes and Meiwes tried to eat the penis but found it to be too chewy and impossible to eat. Meiwes then cooked and accidentally burned the penis so he ended up cutting it up and feeding it to his dog.

While Brandes sat in the bathtub slowly bleeding to death, Meiwes provided him with pain killers and alcohol. Eventually, Meiwes ended Brandes’ life by stabbing him in the throat. He then hung Brandes’ body up on a meat hook and cut away the man’s flesh. All of this was on video tape and Meiwes spent the next several months slowly eating more of Brandes’ body before he was eventually caught.

#3 Raul Barrera


Raul Barrera was 35 when his he brutally slaughtered his just 23-year-old girlfriend, Sarah Coit. Sarah had decided to break things off with Raul and they began to fight in her apartment. Raul says that things got out of control. They wrestled around for a while before Raul began stabbing repeatedly, using 5 different knives. He stabbed a knife into her skull, disemboweled her and sliced her head almost all the way off before leaving her there to die. Unfortunately, Sarah would lay there still alive and suffering for over 30 minutes before police arrived to the scene. Sarah died shortly after and Raul Barrera was sentenced to 25 to life.