10 Unbelievable Coincidences That Leave Us With Many Questions About the World

Our world is full of strange events and unsolved mysteries. There is so much of unusual matter hidden in the womb of our planet that it’ll take us several lives to understand most of it. We have some such unusual happenings here for you.


Doesn’t really matter whether you believe in reincarnation or no but this image will definitely make you a little curious about the subject. The similarity is almost uncanny.


The Weird Accident

Car crashes are not unusual anymore because of the amount of Traffic we see on the roads. But in 1895, when there were only 2 cars in the state of Ohio, both the cars clashed. Speak of bad luck and this tops the chart.


The Strangest Co-Incidence

This might just come across as the strangest co-incidence in the history. Back in 1975, was killed when the moped he was driving collided with a cab. Now the strange thing is that almost a year ago,  Erskine’s brother — who was also 17 — was killed. He was riding the same moped and he was killed by a taxi as well. It was the same taxi with the same man driving on both the occasions.


With Mesut Ozil

This is an another amazing example of reincarnation. What if Ozil was in fact Enzo in his previous life? We’ll never know!



Titanic’s fate was decided long before it actually hit the Ocean. In 1898, 14 years before the sinking of the Titanic, fantasy writer Morgan Robertson wrote the novella Futility and everything written in Futility happened with Titanic.


The Biographies

Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy are arguably one of the most popular personalities ever. They were the most identical personalities as well…Checkout these similarities…

  • Both these personalities were killed by a gunshot wound to the back of the head, on a Friday, before a celebration (Lincoln was killed just before Easter; Kennedy on the eve of Thanksgiving). Both of them had their wives along and another couple.
  • Both of them had four children.
  • Both had a friend called Billy Graham.
  • Kennedy had a secretary called Mrs. Lincoln. President Lincoln had a secretary called John.
  • Their successors in both cases were vice presidents called Johnson, who were both southerners and Democrats.

Beat this if you can.


The Vicious Circle

The perfect example of what goes around always comes around is Roman Empire. Romulus became the first king of Rome. And Romulus Augustulus, (although he was born as Flavius Romulus Augustus) was the last king of Roman Empire. What started with Romulus, ended with Romulus.


Trumps Election

Back in 2000, Simpsons had an episode that predicted Trump to be an American President. Also, the fact that the show presented Trump’s election campaign in a way that was almost identical to scenes from real life when he launched his presidential bid is really creepy.


The First And The Last

The graves of the first and the last British soldier to die in the World War 1 are located just 6 meters from each other facing each other. Just a co-incidence?


Hoover Dam

One of the first people to die while the construction of Hoover Dam was George Tierney who died on December 20. The last one to die during construction was Patrick Tierney — George’s son.